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Myelements was created in September 2011, enclosing the 34 years of experience and knowledge of ISOPLUS in the field of food supplements. Myelements takes into consideration the specified needs of the modern consumer and creates exclusively for him innovative, safe and effective formulas with the ideal content of ingredients, that shield his organism and improve his daily life significantly.

Myelements, with great responsibility and reliability, offers quality, safe and innovative products, from carefully selected raw materials, that protect the human organism, cover its needs effectively and help every person take care and improve himself every day. Myelements stands always by his side, urging him to discover and adopt a way of life in which the health care, the well-being, the good physical condition will lead him to the best version of himself.

Myelements is constantly developing its product range, based on the specialized and individualized needs of the consumer. Today its product portfolio includes: vitamins and minerals, multivitamins, special supplements, essential fatty acids, supplements that boost energy levels, act against stress, help succeed weight control, boost the immune system as well as protein bars for vegan. Finally, there is myelements sports range, with products that address to the specified needs and increased needs of athletes and sportsmen.