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The website  belongs to the societe anonyme under the firm name «ISOPLUS Nutritional Supplements and Sports Articles S.A», headquarters in Kallithea, Attiki, Avenue Syggrou nr 236, VAT 999607387 and General Electronic Commercial Registry: 130656801000»  (hereinafter called "ISOPLUS"). All the products featured on the website are made or represented by ISOPLUS SA.


The access in this website and the use of its services presupposes the approval of the following terms of use. The entry and use of the website and its Services constitute and is considered to be ipso jure unconditional approval and consent of these terms, without any exemptions. If a visitor/user does not agree with these terms of use, he/she should not enter and use the website.

We reserve the right to interrupt the operation and modify fully or partially the website and these terms of use, the Policies and Statements included, at our sole option and discretion and without prior notification. The terms of use are subject to modifications that come into effect right after their posting in the Website. Therefore, it is recommended that you read carefully the Terms of use every time you enter the website in order to detect eventual revisions that might affect you.


During the access or use of the website, you should comply with the Terms and Conditions and the special warnings or instructions of access or use that are included in this website. You should always act according to the law, the fair trade practices and in good faith. It is not allowed that you proceed to any change or modification of the Website and the content or services featured in the website and it is not allowed to harm in any way the integrity or operation of the website. In case of violation, out of deceit or negligence, any of the obligations mentioned in the Terms and Conditions (including the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy), you will be liable for all losses and damages that will be subsequently caused to ISOPLUS, its associate companies, its partners or licensors. The announcements and information about the products do not aim at the diagnosis, treatment, healing or prevention of any situation or disease for which you should always consult your doctor. If you have further questions concerning the nature or the suggested use of our products, please send us a message at the email [email protected]


Confidentiality is very important for ISOPLUS and we make every effort to comply with all the current laws concerning the management of the collected information about you. For this reason, the company has developed a Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy which governs the way of collection, use, share, transfer and storage of your data. In particular, the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy describes the way ISOPLUS uses and makes use of your personal data, that we collect by you as User/Visitor of ISOPLUS Website and services. Please read carefully the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy in the link Privacy Policyand don’t hesitate to contact us (address: Syggrou str. 236, 17672, Kallithea).  ISOPLUS keeps a file with the data given voluntarily by the Users for the use of the Website, in order to grant Services and be compliant with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. The access in certain parts of the Website will be implemented with a special password and a code word, unique for every user. Those codes assure the privacy of the transactions, the access and the security of the system and are used exclusively and only by each User.  ISOPLUS will use the data only for covering its internal needs without transferring them, entirely or in part, to third persons, except if this is allowed or mentioned or complied with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy or imposed by the law. The data granted voluntarily by the User – Visitor offer also his/her strict consent to the data processing within the frame of the expected transaction and the direct promotion of ISOPLUS similar products or services or the service of similar purposes, by reserving the rights resulted by the current Greek Legislation and the General Regulation for Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (a. the right to information (articles 13), b. the right to access (article 15), c. the right to edit (article 16), d. the right to delete «right to oblivion» (article 17), e. the right to restrict processing (article 18), f. the right to data portability (article 20 if applied) and g. the right to object (article 21).


The information granted by the users to ISOPLUS or the website, e.g during their registration as members or clients – purchasers, are defined as “personal data and information”. The responsibility for the accuracy of the personal data and information lies exclusively to the supplier. Those personal data and the content of the granted information should meet the following requirements:

- They should not be false, inaccurate or misleading.

- They should not lead directly or indirectly to deception of third persons or aim at the sale of products and mainly products whose disposal is opposed to the current legislation.

- They should not violate the provisions of the current Greek and European legislation, including the provisions regarding issues of exports, consumer’s protection, unfair competition, discriminations or misleading advertising, protection of intellectual or industrial property, trade secrets or personality rights.

- They should be not contain viruses, trojans, worms, time bombs or cancel bots or any other program code that could cause deliberate damage or loss of data both to the visitors/members’ computers and the system in general, and they should not lead to loss of resources or operations of the Website or ISOPLUS, entirely or in part related to the suppliers of connection or other associates.

- They should not refer directly or indirectly to products or services that are explicitly prohibited by the present document.

Aiming at the proper use of the information granted by the users and the avoidance of eventual violations related to their content, full authorization is granted and agreed to ISOPLUS for the inspection and the use of this information. ISOPLUS is committed to use this information in compliance with the present terms of use.


We do not wish to receive any confidential, private or secret information or other material by you either through the Website or the services offered or via email or in any other way. If not relevant to personal data, any comments, updates, information or other details submitted or sent by you will be considered as non confidential or non private, except if the opposite is agreed in written before their submission to us. By submitting or sending comments, updates, information or other details, you state and guarantee that those are original and no third party has rights on them. All the comments, the updates, the information or other details you submit are and remain the property of ISOPLUS and, reserving the right to the legislation about personal data, we will have the unreserved right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, execute and post those data or information (partially or entirely) at global level and/or incorporate in other works and in any form, mean or technology already known or to be developed. Moreover, you guarantee that you waive from any “moral right” on posted information and details.


All the information, the documents and the illustrations posted in this website indicatively and not restrictively, of texts, graphics, images, icons, pictures, designs, sound extracts, data compositions and software and their combination, are in the exclusive possession of ISOPLUS and the companies, associates related to ISOPLUS and all these cannot be used, reproduced, copied, sold, resold, projected, modified or otherwise become object of exploitation, partially or entirely, for any reason and without the prior written consent of ISOPLUS or the beneficiary of the sign or trade name or service’s sign.

Eventual license to use the above is granted under the condition that each copy will bear the respective indication or intellectual property protection, that they are destined exclusively for private use and will not be commercially processed, not modified in any way and that eventual illustrations that might be taken out of the website will be used exclusively in combination with the attached text.

 You are not allowed to make use of any meta tag or other “hidden text” that uses such signs, firm names or service’s signs without the strict prior written consent of ISOPLUS or the beneficiary of the sign or the firm name or the service’s sign. 


The Website may grant direct access to other websites and/or email addresses but without having any right to intervene, therefore, the Website is absolutely not liable and does not grant any guarantee for their content. The placement of links does not constitute an indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites by ISOPLUS, which bears no liability about their content, their privacy protection policies or the accuracy of the included materials or information. If the visitor / user of the Website decides to use, through those links, any of the websites belonging to third parties, he/she accepts assuming his/her own liability.


The Website and any available content are disposed “as is”. The information included in this website aim at the presentation of ISOPLUS, its products and services.

 At the extent allowed by the applicable law, ISOPLUS refuses to grant any guarantee, explicit or not, regarding the integrity, accuracy, timeliness, marketability, non violation or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose. You explicitly accept that the use of the Website is exclusively at your own risk and you assume all liabilities for all expenses in case of need to repair or rehabilitate any equipment you are using while making use of the Website. We and all our partners do not guarantee that the Website will be free of errors and interruptions, viruses or other harmful data, that eventual defects will be corrected. We and our partners do not express or guarantee the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, quality, execution or suitability of the Website or any available content through this Website. In case of any problem in the Website or any available content in this Website, you agree that the unique repair measure is to stop using the Website. 

All the products and services posted in the Website are exclusively and only subject to applicable explicit guarantees. At the extent allowed by the applicable law, we refuse other guarantees, except from the eventually explicitly stated, of any nature, explicit or non included, indicatively and not restrictively, silent guarantees of marketability or suitability for specific purpose regarding the products and services posted in the Website. We refuse all liabilities regarding the deficiency or the failure of products, the non compliance with any code or the bad application of the explicitly mentioned.

Eventual suggestions granted in this website do not release you from the obligation to carry out your own verification regarding the suggestions – in particular concerning safety datasheets and technical specifications – and our products, aiming at the assurance of their suitability for the expected uses and purposes. For any information or suggestion regarding our products and services, please contact directly our company.

Consequently, we recommend you to proceed to verification of all information granted by this website, before you make use in any way.


In case of violation of any term, ISOPLUS reserves the right anytime to exclude users or delete members of the Website.

In addition, ISOPLUS reserves the right to modify, suspend, interrupt temporarily or permanently or restrict part of the services granted through the website. In any case, ISOPLUS bears no liability against the User or any third person.

The non application by ISOPLUS of any term does not constitute waiver from the respective right. Moreover, in case any of these terms is judged by any court to be invalid or non executable, the other terms of the present shall remain valid.


Eventual disputes that might arise by the application of these terms, the general use of the Website by the visitor /user, if there is no way of amicable settlement, are governed by the Greek law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. To contact the administrator of the Website, please use the contact form at the address In case of problems in the content of the Website concerning legal and/or moral issues, in particular regarding reproduction and use of intellectual property rights, please inform us at [email protected]